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Autoexpertus is a knowledge base website on which users can find expert information about the automotive industry. Even more, Autoexpertus is a reference point for automotive professionals.

From terminology to interesting interviews, Autoexpertus is the reference website for professionals and car aficionados of all sorts.

Autoexpertus celebrates automotive expertise. Above all, its main objective is to explain what goes into the complex, large, and beautiful design process, creating and producing the perfect car. A place to share, discuss, and especially learn about automotive expertise.
I and my collaborators will go through different subjects for you.

Stay tuned and enrich your automotive expertise!

Hey, that’s me!

david sastre autoexpertus creator

My name is David Sastre, I’m an automotive studio engineer. I have a passion for cars and a curiosity about how technology is born and evolves with time. That is precisely why I have such a deep appreciation for the automotive sector.

The mobility industry seems endless to me.

It was truly by chance that I started my career in automotive. Later on, after years of working in Turin, I realized that I was in the right field to create a solid base of knowledge upon which I could build my career. I have worked with tremendous professionals. People who have transformed the history of the recent car. I learned well from the ‘old school’ professionals and I am very grateful to all of them.

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