The Design Studio and its creative careers

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An automotive Design Studio is a facility or a department within an automotive company that is responsible for designing and developing new vehicles or improving existing ones.

The design center usually consists of a team of designers, engineers, and technicians who work together to create new designs and concepts for cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

Automotive design as an industry is unique and is fueled by creativity, engineering,  and safety. It involves the design of any form of wheeled transportation – developing the appearance and ergonomics of motor vehicles. The field includes various disciplines within itself. That form a large team and come up with functional designs for motor vehicles. The primary concern of the automotive design field is to develop the visual appearance or aesthetics of the vehicle. The ultimate goal is create a befitting product concept.

The creative disciplines within the Automotive Design Studio are,

  • Designer
  • Color & Trim Designer
  • Digital sculptor
  • Clay modeller
  • Studio engineer

Let’s delve into them.


Image by Lee Rosario from Pixabay

A car designer is a professional who designs and develops automobiles. They are responsible for creating the look and feel of a car, both inside and out.
Car designers typically begin the design process by creating sketches and digital renderings of their ideas. They may use computer-aided design (CAD) software to create2D and 3D models of their designs.
Designers have a strong sense of creativity and a passion for cars and automotive design. They are also skilled in using CAD software and other design tool. Those are fundamental to collaborate with other professionals to bring their designs to life.

Color & Trim Designer

Image by InspiredImages from Pixabay

A Color & Trim Designer is responsible for developing and coordinating the color, material, and finish design. For both, the interior and exterior of automobiles. This includes selecting and combining materials such as leather, fabric, plastic, and metal to create a cohesive and visually appealing design that reflects the brand’s identity.
The Color & Trim Designer must work closely with other design team members. Such as the exterior and interior designers, to ensure that the color and material choices complement the overall design of the car. They also need to keep up-to-date with industry trends and new materials that can be used to enhance the car’s design.

Automotive design as an industry is unique and is fueled by creativity, engineering,  and safety

Digital sculptor

Image by PIRO from Pixabay

Digital sculptors for automotive use their expertise in design, engineering, and aesthetics to create virtual models of vehicles that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as concept development, visualization, and engineering analysis. They work closely with other members of the automotive design team, such as engineers, designers, and stylists, to ensure that the models meet the requirements of the project and are consistent with the overall design vision.
Digital sculpting for automotive requires a high level of skill in software such as Alias modeler, as well as a deep understanding of automotive design principles, manufacturing processes, and materials. Digital sculptors for automotive are in demand in the automotive industry, as the use of digital technology for design and prototyping continues to grow.

Clay modeller

Source Opel 50 Jahre Design Author Robert Basic from Germany

A clay modeler is a skilled professional who works with a team of designers and engineers to create physical 3D models of cars using clay or other materials. These models are often used in the design process to help evaluate and refine the aesthetics, proportions, and details of a vehicle before it goes into production.
Clay modelers need to have a strong sense of form, proportion, and detail, as well as the ability to work with precision and attention to detail. They may also need to work quickly and efficiently to meet tight deadlines and ensure that the design process stays on schedule. In addition to clay modeling skills, they may also need to have knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes, as well as an understanding of automotive design principles and trends.

Studio Engineer

Audi A8 L

An automotive studio engineer is a professional who works in the design and development of automobiles. They are responsible for creating and refining the overall look and feel of a car, as well as ensuring that it meets the necessary functional requirements.
The role of an automotive studio engineer typically involves collaborating with a team of designers, engineers, and technicians to develop and refine the exterior and interior design of a car. They may use computer-aided design (CAD) software to create detailed 3D models of the car, which can be used to identify potential design issues and refine the overall design.

There are also many other careers within the Design Studio. As human resources, legal department, marketing, and many more. They are as important as the creative careers. They advocate for the proper functioning of the company.

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