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Targa Top

Posted: by David Sastre

The definition for Targa Top is a term that we use to define a specific car body style. In particular a semi-convertible with a detachable section.

The targa definition is widely used and heard. Above all, when we refer to the semi-convertibles models from the well known Stuttgart brand. The famous Porsche model. The Porsche Targa.

In 1965 the word was used for the first time. Yes, that´s right! Is the year when the Porsche 911 Targa come in scene. But sorry Porsche fans, the 911 Targa Top was not the predecessor of the detachable roof. We need to look back in the past to find the first vehicle with such a system.

It wasn’t that far away, just 8 years before. The first car defining the targa top system was the 1957 Fiat 1200 “Wonderful” by Vignale, designed by Giovanni Michelotti. The first body style with detachable roof system.

So Porsche was the first one to use the Targa word. But not the inventor of that detachable body part.

Fiat 1200 “Wonderful” by Vignale

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