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The ‘Important’ Rocker Panel

Posted: by David Sastre

The rocker panel is an important body part. It prevents the unibody’s floor from sagging in the middle. This body segment runs along with the vehicle. It is located under the side doors, between the front and the rear wheel.

Normally, it is a stamped sheet metal part. But the material and process can be changed depending on body type. If it’s made of steel, it has two functions. First one, is a structural part of the frame. And second, an aesthetic panel. As long it is covered by a plastic sill, then the plastic trim has the only scope as an aesthetic part. But rest assured that below it, there is this important body part called the rocker panel.

It plays a major role in passive safety during a lateral crash.

Its name may refer to the impact of road gravel or stones. As the car runs, stones or particles may be projected by the front wheels. 

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