Pillars (Automotive)

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Definition of Pillar

Within the Automotive sector we call pillar to the vertical part of the body which divides the greenhouse -glass surfaces from belt line to the car’s roof-. They are sheet metal parts, that when welded together, conform a closed steel structure.


Pillars have following function:

  • give solid support to attach other systems, as the windshield
  • have structural functions for the body
  • they are used as a support for the roof

The pillars are named as A, B, C, D… etc. With the front of the car facing to the left, the pillars are lettered starting from the front pillar on car’s elevation view. This alphabetical order provides a common reference for the automotive professionals. In that way, is easier to point out the interested area.

A pillar, for example, is the part of the body along the side boundaries of the windshield. It is subject to strong legal requirements regarding the driver’s visibility.

Certainly, the B pillar, is the most complex one. It is located, in the case of a four-doors sedan, between doors. And goes from the rocker panel to the roof rail. Because of its length, many designers call it post as well. It has several functions at the same time. It prevents the body from sagging in the middle. B pillar is design for latching the front door. And certainly, it gives support for the rear door hinges.

The B pillar plays a major role in crash security. In the case of a lateral impact, it protects the occupants from the collision. And in the electric vehicles it prevents the battery to explode or set on fire.

Normally, cars have an A, B and C pillar, but buses can even reach the N pillar!

The thickness and design of the car pillars can vary depending on the make and model of the car, as well as the intended use of the vehicle. Thicker pillars may provide more structural support but can also obstruct visibility, while thinner pillars may provide better visibility but less structural support. Car manufacturers often design their cars to balance both of these factors to provide a safe and functional vehicle for their customers.

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