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Peeking Past Pillars: Coping with View Obstruction in Automotive

Posted: by David Sastre

The A-pillar is the vertical support structure that runs along the windshield. We can find them on both sides of a vehicle. It is a vertical element of the car’s greenhouse. A-pillar obstruction refers to the visual obstruction that occurs when the driver’s view is blocked by this structure. Which can create blind spots.

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The A-pillar view obstruction can be a significant safety concern. It can prevent drivers from seeing thru. Pedestrians, cyclists, other vehicles, or obstacles that may be in their path. To mitigate this issue, car manufacturers have introduced technologies like blind-spot monitoring systems. These technologies use sensors to detect vehicles in blind spots and warn drivers accordingly.

However, it’s essential for drivers to be aware of the potential for A-pillar obstruction and adjust their driving habits accordingly. This means using additional caution when making turns or changing lanes. Drivers should take extra care by scanning the road ahead and checking their blind spots before maneuvering the vehicle.

Historically, there have been efforts to minimize visual obstruction. For instance, in 2001, Volvo came out with an idea for improvement. The visual improvement was built around the Saftey Concept Car door frame.

Finally, it was rejected due to cost and structural issues. Automakers have been experimenting in this direction for a long time. Who knows if the final solution for a transparent pillar is waiting to appear on the market soon?

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