A radical car the 1922 Lancia Lambda

Posted: by David Sastre

The Lancia Lambda was one of the most innovative cars of its era. It was a revolutionary car in many ways. It had several innovative features that set it apart from other cars of its time.
It was the first car with an unibody frame structure. This design allowed the car to lower its centre of gravity by positioning the engine in a lower position than the body-on-frame structure.

The radical Lancia Lambda’s innovations included a 4 wheels brake, including a new independent front suspension. That system was by hydraulic shock absorbers actuated. Absorbers with concentric vertical coil springs and that was for the very first time. There was also, a space in the rear end for luggage. Different body styles were proposed from open cabriolet to torpedo and luxury phaeton.

The Lambda also featured an advanced V4 engine with overhead camshafts and a narrow-angle V-configuration, which allowed for a compact and lightweight design. 

Its innovations would not be commonly used for another 40 years.

Mr. Lancia was pioneer in many aspects and had a brilliant mind. He drew inspiration from the ship’s hull by considering the great forces of the sea. Using this inspiration, he was able to design the first unitary frame structure, the monocoque.

The Lancia Lambda remains a milestone in automobile engineering. Can certainly, be considered the first modern car with unibody without a separate chassis.

Overall, the Lancia Lambda was a groundbreaking car. It helped establish Lancia as a leader in automotive engineering and design.

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