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Definition of car body

We define a car’s body as a complex variety of large steel sections. Firstly, the sections are manufactured into specific shapes. Secondly, they are welded together to create a car’s body. The body is the aesthetic part of the exterior assembly. Depending on the vehicle’s frame type, it may be a unique part with the chassis or a separate system, like in the body-on-frame systems. To complete the definition of car body you can have a look on our frames page, available here.


The car’s body is an assembly of stamped steel metal parts. The parts are conformed with a metal stamping die.

First of all, metal stamping is the practice of cutting and forming metal sheet into a required contour. They production occurs with the help of a tool known as a stamping tool. Then the parts are welded and bolted together to conform a larger assembly.

Generally the main material is steel. But nowadays, there are different body’s materials available in the market. The most common material is the steel. Nevertheless we can find aluminum bodies or composite fiber. Composites make the body lighter, safer and more fuel-efficient vehicles.


And finally we enumerate here the functions for the body.

  • Gives safety
  • Saves energy
  • Fix mount for other systems
  • Aesthetics

The body has several functions. It protect the occupants from collisions. Therefore, it saves energy due to the aerodynamic shape configuration. It provide solid mounts for all other systems. And of courses it has to look good to the owner!

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