60 Years of Weight-Gain

Posted: by David Sastre

After 60 Years of Weight-Gain the trend has changed. The recent vogue for lighter vehicles driven by the need of CO2 reduction and high gas price, has put engineers to count grams in every car’s part. After decades cars got heavier and heavier.

austin mini old new co2 weight

For instance, a 1859 Morris Mini-Minor weights 580 kg and a 2019 Mini Cooper is 1191 kg that means, the Mini has doubled its weight in 60 years.Yes it’s true, we did a simple comparison here between these two cars. Apart of it names they are really different to each other. But still, why old cars are much lighter than modern cars?

Well, is a much better experience to drive a modern car than a vintage one, and is even more secure. And here you have a hint!

The main reason behind this astronomic weight gain, is the added safety features of the modern car such as airbags and sophisticated frames and beams able to absorb crash energy. Better interior trims with improved sound and thermic insulation make the car more comfortable but heavier at the same time. But there is more, nowadays’s cars must fulfill strict safety regulations, like pedestrian protection and other. And the last reason behind is simply because, designs are getting bigger and bigger

golf gti lighter mk2

Power – weight ratio

We have analyzed here the world-famous Volkswagen Golf GTI. Let’s have a look to the graph below,

power ratio diagram golf gti co2 weight


Heavier cars need more power to perform at the same level of it predecessors because of the weight.

But what will happen all the way around? I mean, what if engineers could develop lighter cars? We should need less powerful heavier engines, then we will be able of downsized the brakes, and the body could be even lighter because of the less forces applied, and then… and then… and then…

So after 60 Years Weight-Gain, what car will you buy next? I will try to go for a lighter option, that’s cool!

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